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Product no.: K-16-108

The conversion kit includes all parts for making a full functional remote control model in 1/16 scale. The kit includes the Tamiya Leopard 2 model together with several tuningparts (suspension arms, torsion bar bearings, hull reinforcement). Two Truck Puller motors 7.2 V are used as traction motors. The conversion kit is equipped by a model hydraulic, consisting a Jung pump, 7 valve block, 7 hydraulic cylinders etc. The builder should have a lot of experience in the construction of functional models, in particular for the processing of the included photo etched parts. In addition to the operation of a remote control model (ideally with a level switch for driving, and dredging operations), a battery pack, geared motor for the rotary drive of the excavator arm, chain drive and rotary controls for propulsion, lighting and sound module, speaker, and various small parts needed. The total weight of the model will be up to 11-12 kg! The delivery time is 3-4 months, since all parts must be manufactured individually. When ordering, a deposit is payable of 60% of the purchase price. The balance will be due before delivery or during delivery. The replica of the Kodiak AEV 3 done with the permission of Rheinmetall Land Systems Ltd. The model represents the prototype from 2007.

$6,960.00 *
Delivery weight: 20 kg

can be shipped within ca. 150 days

* Prices incl. VAT, plus delivery